Foe – Iain Reid

This is not so much a review as it is a recommendation, as there is not a fibre in my being that does not love this book fully, however I feel that it is a book much better served if you go in with no knowledge whatsoever.

I picked this book up simply because of the intriguing cover, and the endless positive reviews on said cover. I can safely say I had quite low expectations for it overall, as I thought it may be somewhat suburban predominantly dull. My skin shrivels up and my heart hisses just thinking about having that mindset about a book which after reading I couldn’t stop thinking about for weeks.

Reid writes in a timeless way, whisking you into his world and manipulating your mind until you don’t even know what is real. It haunts you with its quietness as the ominous plot unfolds. The book simply intrigues you with the creepiness seeping through the pages, and the knowledge that really, you know nothing. The novel lacks action for the most part, which some people have found as an issue, however I felt it made it even more harrowing and added to the sinister tension. Regardless of the lack of action, I’ve never read a book more nail-biting and uncomfortable. It kept me hooked all the way through, and aH I can’t even express how subtly genius it is. Even down to the use of quotation marks (I know, I know it sounds weird if you haven’t read the book but trust me by the end you will be basking in the brilliance of it).

I don’t doubt for a second that this book will be thought-provoking and make you leave with so many questions, so much yearning for answers and going around in circles trying to interrogate every inch of it. But the mystery is what makes this book. Even with the incredible plot, the execution of it is simply breathtaking, and made me scream and giggle like a weird little pig being tickled right before being slaughtered. Trust me, this book ruined me.

Its beyond hard to finish reading this book and not have anyone to discuss it with, which is why I think it is the perfect book for a book club. The novel demands to be dissected and everyone leaves with different interpretations and ideas. The conversations and theories upon this book are infinite, and leave you breathless after running in circles. I found my outlook upon this story was far clearer once I had spoken with others about it, and its always nice to share your endless pain with others.

As Liz Nigent said correctly, this novel is completely genre-defying, and will not settle to just one category of fiction. The story is set in the near future (though we are not told exactly how near or far) and science-fiction is quite predominant, however as someone who reads sci-fi once in a blue moon, it was still extremely easy to read as a story. I’ve found with sci-fi’s that I’ve read previously that they can become cluttered with fancy facts and remove the enjoyment of the story itself, but I found this easy to read and understand. Its also a psychological thriller, and I’ve heard some say a Horror, but I would argue that this plays with your mind more than anything, and chills you more than frightens you. It is also a novel that I think will apply to the enjoyment of both YA readers and Adult readers alike.

I’ve given little on the plot purposefully, and I recommend that you go into this book knowing not much more than I’ve revealed here. This work of fiction is unique and mind-bending, and I can guarantee you won’t have read anything like it.

Anywayz, peace out homies (please read the book please please its so good I actually cannot handle it aH)

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