A small amount of New Books :)

I recently had the opportunity to go to my favourite book shop and get a few new things for me to read. Unfortunately I only have a small haul to show you because I’m a broke gal and didn’t really want to stretch to more. Nevertheless, I’ve still got 3 new books I’m excited to get into!

Never mind by Edward St Aubyn

I picked this book up because I have been wanting to read some shorter books recently. I’m not sure why, I have just been enjoying the satisfaction of finishing a book quickly more so than usual I suppose. The book doesn’t even reach the 200 mark, so I think I’ll be able to get through it pretty quickly. It sets itself up as a kind of family drama, something I’ve enjoyed reading recently. I also feel as if this is the kind of book with a lot of surprises, and doesn’t quite appear as it is. I’m likely to read this one this month, so hopefully I will be pleasantly bewildered.

The Bees by Laline Paull

I thought this one would be a great topic of discussion, both before you read it and after. I’ve reread the synopsis several times, and I still can’t tell whether it’s about bees or humans. The novel falls under the category of adult fiction, but it sounds almost fantastical, no matter what species the main cast of characters actually are. I’m sure the questioning of whether it’s bees or actual people is one of the biggest themes of the book, and it’s clearly done purposefully. It’ll be interesting to see whether the answer is even revealed in the novel, or if the reader is just left to question and cry.

The Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami

I’ve been looking to pick up a Murakami book for quite some time now, and finally decided on this one. I’ve never read any of Murakami’s work before, and from what I’ve heard other people say, I’m in for a ride. I was unsure on which Murakami book to read as my first, and was heavily tempted my Norwegian Wood, which can be argued to be his most well known piece of writing, however I found this one peaked my interest the most, and settled on it. I’m a bit scared to even start this one, but I’m determined to read it before the new year.

And that’s it! I think I chose quite a strange variety of books, but I’m beyond excited to read them all. I hope they all live up to my expectations aH 🙂

Anywayz, peace out Homiez

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