Yes I did just dedicate a post to Vines

Even though Vine is long dead, I, amongst others, am still mourning the great loss of this generation. The amount of times I quote them daily is probably enough to be concerned about, but I can assure you I will be quoting these until the day I die. In fact I strive for my dying words to be mOther trUcker duuude, that huRt like a bUTt cheek oN a sTicK . If this doesn’t happen then lets be honest, my whole life would have been for nothing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So, with my friends being aware of my love of Vines, I recieived this as an early christmas present :

I know, I know, this was published like, 2 years ago. HOWEVER that in no way dulls the pleasure I gained upon receiving this present. Honestly, I almost cried out of the pure jOy. The fact that a book full of quotes from weird app in which people I do not know post 6 second videos that often make absolutely no sense but still give me immeasurable happiness is more than a little disconcerting. Still, I don’t really care about that and will continue to obsess over this book for as long as possible. I will care for this book as if it were my own child. I will care for it until I have my own children, and I will read it to them every night until they fall into a deep slumber, riddled with holy dreams of obscene amounts of chickens and a very dead miss keisha.

Anyways, before I have time to think of more ways to slip in vine more references, I bid you farewell 😛

Evie ❤

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