2019 Reading Wrap up.

For me, 2019 has been an excellent year in regards to reading. It began with me still very much a YA reader, and as it went on I slowly discovered I found more love within Adult Fiction. That being said, YA still holds a very fond place in my heart, and on my bookshelf. My goal for the amount of books I wanted to read in the year began at 35, however as I became more and more engrossed in the books I was reading, I upped it to 50. I’m happy to say that I have reached 55 😀 For some that may not seem like a lot, but for me, trying to find balance between school, extra-curriculars, and other things that I enjoy, I’m pleased with that number.

It’s not all about the numbers though, many of the books I’ve read this year will last with me forever. Its feels strange to me that most of my all-time favourite books were read this year, and I think it will prove as an excellent foundation to building up even more incredible stories.

2020 Reading Goals.

Even though 2019 was a great year of experimenting for me, I’m not done yet. As mentioned in my previous blog post, 7 Books I want to Read in 2020, I want to read more non-fiction, and really explore all the possibilities that reading boasts. I also want to be far more selective of my books. While I love going into a book shop and just… splurging, I really want to work through some of the books on my wishlist, and that means actually buying the books on there.

I’m not going to set myself a goal of books to read this year, as for me I want 2020 to be about the content that I read rather than the amount. I should still be reading to a similar proportion that I have been in the past year, I just don’t want the numbers to be such a huge thing in my mind. This also means that if I want to stop reading a book, I will (after pushing through a little bit of course). For the past year there have been several times where I am simply disliking a book to the extent that I don’t want to read it anymore, and most of the time, I pushed through to the end, no matter how long and tedious the process was. That isn’t always a bad thing, and I’m sure many times people are thankful they pushed to the end, but for me, I want this year to be full of books that I truly enjoy (maybe with a few bad ones just to zEsT it up a bit). This year has been a fantastic foundation for an even better 2020!

Happy new year 🙂

Evie ❤

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