Silent Scream by Angela Marsons – a review :)

I’ve only got a short post for you today 😦 I’ve been very busy and stressed recently so I’m not really in the right mindset to write a super long review, however I’m hoping to get another just fun post out later on this week. Nevertheless, I was very keen to get a review of this book out, as I LOVED it. It was so nice to go back to my favourite genre: crime fiction. No matter how much I experiment with other genres and styles of books, I always fall back on good-old murder-mysteries.

Marsons has created a novel that is complex and distinctive, with a large cast of unique and fleshed-out characters that are gradually introduced. Our protagonist, DI Kim Stone becomes involved in a thrilling mystery after the skeletons of 3 young girls are found to be related to a series of more modern murders. After her traumatic childhood, Kim feels an attachment to the case, with a burning desire to catch whoever killed these girls in such horrific ways, and why they’ve come back to kill again. Her passion makes her a fantastic detective, however her unrelenting stubbornness inflicts issues with her superiors. On the other hand, her team hold a deep respect and loyalty to her, and the relationships shown between them all is one of my favourite parts of this book. The sinister plot develops, revealing Kim’s past in small doses, as well as showing how her challenging case continues, and the the repulsive crime is slowly unveiled.

The minds of each character are left scattered on the pages, there for readers to touch and endure, immersing you fully into this world that Marsons has constructed. Even the supporting characters are rich with authenticity, and make the entire story throb with a terrifying sense of reality. Ceaseless twists and turns keep you hooked, with a penetrating tension that pervades the story as a whole. This is certainly one of the best thrillers I have ever read, and I would happily title it as one of my favourite books. For fans of the thriller genre, and even those who typically are not, I cannot recommend this book enough. With this being said, this book does heavily deal with child neglect and abuse, amongst other things, so those that are sensitive to those topics should be cautious going into it.

And that’s all I have today 🙂 Again, I cannot recommend this book enough, and have nothing but praise for it. Luckily, this book is the beginning of a series of books by Marsons, featuring DI Kim Stone, a character that I found myself becoming extremely protective of as the story unfolded. I cannot wait to indulge in even more of Marsons writing, and review them as I do.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Byeeee 😀

Evie ❤

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