Grief is The Thing With Feathers – a review

Hello! 🙂 I read Grief is the Thing With Feathers by Max Porter, and I really wanted to write a review for it that would do it justice, so its taken me a while to get it out. Its a book that is truly one-of-a-kind: part story, part poem, part stream of consciousness. It tells the tale of grief in a sometimes cryptic yet profoundly beautiful way.

Told from a London flat, a father and his two sons are dealing with the loss of their wife and mother. What makes this story so unique is the Crow that is drawn to them, threatening to stay until they are no longer in need of him. Max Porter uses the crow to guide them through the endless paths of grief in a lyrical sea of metaphors, black humour and disloyal time.

Moving on, as a concept, is for stupid people,because any sensible person knows grief is a long term project. I refuse to rush.

Somehow this book manages to balance being sad and delicate while still being harshly humorous: full of so much light and so much darkness. It truly is a small masterpiece, and something that needs to be analysed further than what is possible within a mere afternoon read. English teachers are quaking right now. I think, while I looooooved reading this in my own time, studying this book in a more academic setting may have provided me with better closure from it. I just can’t help but feel that I didn’t get everything I could have gotten out from this book, which is full of so many cryptic messages and barely fathomable meanings. I wish I could have had more scholarly conversations with others, and really materialise my own concepts as for everything that occurs within this compact novel. That’s the thing, this novel is so open for interpretation, it resonates differently with everyone. Its also intense and thrillingly original, forever in a league of its own within the literary world.

It was an unforgettable read that I will carry with me forever. It was so full of surprising hope, and I would recommend it to all. Reading it was a pleasure and an openly luminous experience.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

byeeeee ❤

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